Environmental Statement

Electric van


Wood Farm has always been committed to saving energy and being energy efficient wherever possible.
In 1985 Wood Farm was awarded a ‘building energy efficiency with electricity’ award for the design and electricity use within the new swimming pool building. A heat recovery system is used, this puts heat into the water or into the air depending on where it is needed.

Solar Panels

In 2010 a 17.2kw solar pv panel system was put onto the roof of the swimming pool. We now produce green electricty for use within the swimming pool building.

Local Produce used in the Cafe and sold in the Shop

Wherever possible we support local businesses to supply and source our produce for the shop and cafe.

Public Transport

The Park is well served by two bus services the coastal X53 and the x51 service. Timetables for both services are available from Reception.

Facilities for the Local Community

Here at Wood Farm we have always encouraged and welcomed local people to use our swimming pool, which is open during the winter for local residents. The tennis court and fishing ponds are open to locals throughout the year. In such a small rural community it is important to have access to such facilities locally without the need to travel to the bigger towns.

Re-Cycling Facilities

All of the bin compounds around Wood Farm have small recycling bins for paper, plastics, glass and cans. These bins are collected daily and taken to the main point at the top of the park. We have decided to do this to encourage customers to recycle as much of their waste as possible.

Water Saving

All our showers and taps are operated by push buttons which means water is not wasted. 
All the urinals have sensors fitted and only flush when they are used, previously they flushed them every 30 mins day and night!!


Motion sensors are used in all buildings so that lights automatically go out when there is no one around. Light sensors are used around the park on all outside lights so that they automatically come on when it is dark and go off in the morning as soon as it is light. Low level lighting is used around the park to limit light pollution also low energy bulbs are used wherever possible.


As we now produce our own electricity we decided to update one of our vehicles to use this very green energy.
In 2014 we bought a Nissan E-NV200, we use this to attend all the maintainence issues around the park.

Modern Efficient Boilers

All boilers are serviced annually to make sure they are working to their optimum efficency.
In 2012 our refurbishment of Oaklea toilet block saw us move away from conventional boilers, we have now installed Rinnia Boilers that only work on demand. In 2013 we installed another ‘on demand’ boiler in the lower laundry, we have followed this up in 2014 by installing the same boilers in Hardown Shower block. All this prevents storing large quantities of hot water.

Grass Cutting

Grass needs to be kept neat and tidy and cut regularly to prevent the park looking untidy, however where possible we leave a 1 meter strip around the edge to encourage wildlife. Hedges are cut outside of bird nesting times again to encourage wildlife to flourish.

Hedges laid in Traditional Methods

During the winter we have any hedges that have grown too large laid using traditional methods and employing local craftsmen.

Water Harvesting

We have fitted a water harvester to supply some of the water needed in the top toilet block. This is an underground tank that collects the rainwater from the roof and stores it. This water is then used for flushing the toilets saving large amounts of clean drinkable water.